junio 14, 2017
Diseño de Tueste de Café de los Fríos
junio 15, 2017

This is me writing some poetry to let you know that I’m about to ask you to come with me.Since this journey began I can't write poetry so… this is only prose. I don’t certainly know if you’re around.I can't tell. You have to make your move first.If you do…It would be like a ride.The funny part is that… the car is actually moving.I’m driving at high speed and I can’t stop to take you over.Sweety… you will have to jump over.I know… I know…What would happen if you fall? If you hit yourself against the asphalt?Would it be worth? This is the answer right here:Yes, it would.Every second of my life since I was born is worth share it.I truly need you for that.Do you get it?I got a life, an amazing life and I WANT TO SHARE IT.You canbring whatever.#poetry

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